About Tami

Two decades of community service and leadership have prepared me to serve successfully on the Centerville City Council. This year our dedicated mayor and two experienced council members are stepping down.  Those who know my work at city hall have often asked if I would consider running. Now is the time, as we need someone who will be ready to do the job from Day1.

I have been working diligently for many years to preserve our priceless small town feel and our strong sense of community through thoughtful planning.  Centerville is a unique treasure with nature surrounding us east and west, wonderful neighborhoods citywide, and a vibrant business district. These attributes increase our quality of life, and require careful planning to maintain.

I love Centerville City and am here for the long haul.  I want to continue to work FOR YOU and FOR a great CENTERVILLE. 

The strengths I bring   

VISION  Being trained and educated as a planner, I look far into the future for the consequences of decisions made now. I have the vision to define goals, and the determination to achieve them.

PERSPECTIVE   My ability to see the “big picture” is a personal strength.  Along with planning for the future, I value preserving our city’s heritage. I am a collaborator, and listen to others for a more complete perspective on the issues.   Additionally, I feel it is important to have a woman’s perspective on the council.

    Planning Commission, five years (two years as Chair)
    Main Street Oversight Committee
    South Davis Transit Study Subcommittee
    Small Business Owner, 20 years
    Church Auxiliary President, 6 years
  UofU Graduate, with honors:  B.S. Psychology, B.S. Environment & Behavior

Who is supporting me?

Ron and Shelly Russell
Bill and Sherri Lindstrom
Justin and Lisa Allen
John and Tawnie Higginsion
Ken Averett
Dave and Pam Hirschi
Scott and Stana Kjar
Kent and Sherrie Holbrook
Kevin Merrill
Debbi and Kelly Randall
Dave and Heather Gutke
Dave and Kristine Gill
Paul and Sherry Cutler
Dave and Berdene Hill
Ann Fadel
Gary and Lois O'Brien
Jeff Cook
Clark and Kristy Jenkins
Sharlene Wells Hawkes
Matt and Tiffin Tullis
Gail and Marty Anger
Brian and Kristen Hulse
Karen and Doug Williams
John and Janae Urry
Blake and Tammy Wade
Cliff and Lila Lillywhite
John and Liz Walton
Bill and Shelley Davies
Bryan and Mindy Aitken
Melissa Ann Smith
Bruce Powell
MaryEllen Smoot
Dean and Ruth Christensen
Ben and Heidi Horsley
Gary and Jennifer Beckstrand
Dave and Heidi Williamson
Steve Tate
Katie and Rob Rust
Kim and Ryan Kunz
Scott and Wendy Higgins
Ralph and Sharon Cutler
Adam and Kristine Ward
Kay and Heidi Ashton
Dave and Lindsey Erickson
Kevin and  Connie Davies
Matt and Gina Hirst
Michelle and Shiloh Powers
Jonathan and Stacie Rupp
Lee and Janet Zenger
Jeff and Jolene Keate
Bret and Michelle Millburn
Darin and Elisa Ray
Wayne and Roita Lynn
Randy and Dani Burgoyne
Brooke Bulkeley
Dean and Janet Harris
Mary and Phillip Walter
Mitch and Nicole Lamb
Meledie Gregory
Barbara Allen
Scott and Kaysee Erickson
John and Kerri Erickson
David C. Hill
Margo and David Beecher
Matt and Rebekah Pierce
Scott and Lorianne Archilbald
Keith and Lucia VanMeeteren
Gary and Penny Allen
Mindy Allen
Travis and Amanda Jenkins
Matt and Kim Barton
Don and Jenny Stringham
Troy and Rebecca Sanders
Mitch and Nicole Lamb
Jim and Sue Hanni
Jeff and Lindsay Zesiger
Erik Knutsen
Lindsay and Charlene Ford
Tom and Cherrie Clay
Kayleen and Steve Weed
Rod and Dianna Rasmussen
Cheylynn Hayman
Tiffany and Tyler Rees
Brian and Diana Jensen
Matt and Melissa Larsen
Dale Anderson
Richard and Marilyn Hymas
Clark and Stephanie Richardson
Blake and Patti Mathews
Scott and Lorianne Archilbald
David and Adria Baron
Jeff and Elizabeth Wood
Gary and Beth Goff
Trevor Hooper
Gary Hooper
Chuck and Judy Gilmore
Rob and Marie Oakes
Howard and Gay Sain
Rhett Rogers
Joanne McGarry
Doug and Janae Erickson
Rachel and Dave Clarke
Randy and Renee Smith
Gary and Kristy Woodward
Hannah Porter
Doyle and Molly Norton
Wade and Sue Bender
Cay and Rushby Craig
Art and Margot Hovley
Diane Prince
Marty and Sherri Henrire
Mark and Shae Oligschlaeger
Scott and Shelby Beckstead
Dave and Tammy England
Kirk and Shelly Dickamore
Maridel and Steven Kmetzsch

Jill Rapp
Matt and Sarah Johnson
Lee and Tricia Wright
Scott and Julie Bangerter

...add your name to this list!  Contact me.

Email me: tamifillmore@gmail.com
Call me: 801-294-0266

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