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Anonymous said...


I like what I see but I wish you a lot of luck in getting anything accomplished in Centerlessville.

I was involved with the "Village Proposal" ten years ago. Centerville had two choices: Walmart or a village with two town squares and lots of small businesses. Yes,, to accomplish this you needed to have "Rentals" on the upper floors, but we got the rentals anyway without the village and the two town squares.

Centerlessville missed a great opportunity, mostly by absentia.

I'm afraid you will find Centerville is made up of a few NIMBY's and a lot of other people who just sleep there.

Good Luck to You. (You will Need it)

S. Steve Blackham

Tami Fillmore said...

Yes, Steve. What happened with The Village Plan removal is a perfect example of the risks of making decisions only based on what people say they DON'T want. When we only heed those voices of what people DON'T want without asking what they DO want instead, the result often leaves people even more unhappy than they were originally. This is a clear reminder of how very important the principle of proactive, not reactionary, planning is.

Thanks for being involved and part of that process. I share your regret that it didn't work out as thoughtfully planned.

That being said, we do need a "center" to our "village"... a people-friendly gathering place. After the village plan didn't work out, our focus shifted to Main Street and creating that "family room" feeling there. I do have high hopes this can be accomplished.

Thanks for your comment.